Revolutionary world‘s first diopter 0.0x

We are proud that we have finally achieved to realize a dream of many sport shooters. Recently patented and now available.

A diopter correction WITHOUT magnification!

The target picture size remains equal and clear throughout the entire dioptric adjustment range of +/- 5 dpt. Using a highly refractive type of glass makes it possible to correct spherical defective vision without having any optical magnification. Shooting lenses are at a natural disadvantage to the diopter 0.0x. This is because a shooting lens is made to correct visual defects at the time the shooter is tested. Throughout the day, dependant on sugar and fatigue levels, the eyesight can change rendering the lens inefficient. The advantage compared to usual shooters‘ frames is the possibility to correct the spherical defect through slight fine adjustments any time, while neglecting the need of time-consuming shooting frame setups. According to DSB rules approved without restriction for DSB (German Shooting Sports Federation) and finally approved by ISSF!
Made in Germany